Venues and Services Search

We've made it easy for you to find the exact venue, product or service you need for your event in Western Australia.  Whether you already know the name of the company and just need the name of a contact person, or if you’re not sure what you’re looking for and want to be guided through your research, this tool can help.

Here’s a quick set of instructions to get you started – each heading represents one of the tabs above:

A-Z Listing

If you already know the name of the company you need, the list below is already in alphabetical order. The keyword search tool will find it fast for you and provide you with information on their product as well as contact details of the person who can help you.

Venue Type

Use this to find the perfect venue type, event organiser, or service.  Select a category that covers what you’re looking for, and use the Advanced Search options to narrow down your search using the criteria.


Use the sliders to select the specific capacity needs for the space you need. Keep in mind that results do not update until you click 'Update Results'


Western Australia is a big state, so we’ve broken it down these distinct regions:

  • Australia’s Coral Coast (ACC)
  • Australia’s Golden Outback (AGO)
  • Australia’s North West (ANW)
  • Australia’s South West (ASW)
  • Frementle
  • Mandurah
  • Perth CBD
  • Perth Metro
  • Swan Valley

Select the region you would like to explore.

Update Results

Once you have made your selections, click the “Update Results” button when you’ve finished and a list of venues and/or accommodation will be presented to you.  Click on the items in the search results list to view more detail.

Product Details

Once you have navigated to an individual venue, product or service, you will land on the "Overview" page which gives more detail.  For venues, you can click on the "Rooms" tab which provides capacity details for each meeting/function area in that venue.  For details of the best person to contact for that product, click on the "Contact" tab.