Perth Convention Bureau has been helping Western Australians bid for conferences for over forty years. Putting your hand up to host a conference can seem a bit daunting, particularly if you’re not sure about what’s involved.

How do you put a bid together? How should you approach the organisation holding the conference? Who are the decision makers? How do you lobby them? How do you out-bid the competition?

But that’s where PCB can help. Not only can we answer those many questions, but we can also do the hard work for you in so many ways.

The bid document is often the most important part of your “sell” to bring an event to Western Australia. 

We can arrange:

  • Professionally produced bid documents expertly researched and custom designed
  • Personal letters of invitation from dignitaries (Western Australia’s Premier, the Lord Mayor)
  • Promotional literature on Perth and Western Australia
  • A promotional video

We can also help with:

  • Venue and accommodation advice
  • Site inspections for decision makers to see the destination for themselves
  • Ideas and promotional material to increase delegate attendance
  • Convention budgeting
  • Advice about sponsorship/funding options

And your organisation may be eligible for funding. It’s worth checking to find out.

What all of this means is that you become the “face” of the bid and we do the hard work behind the scenes to give your bid the best chance of success.  You might want to hear what other Western Australians have to say about how they've used PCB’s many services to help with their bid.