Curtin University Professional Development Award Winner 2017

Dr Katarina Miljkovic, Department of Applied Geology

Katarina’s background is in planetary geoscience with a focus on impact cratering physics. She has been involved with a number of space missions since 2006. Most recently, those were the lunar gravity mapping mission, called GRAIL, and the forthcoming geophysical mission to Mars, called InSight, scheduled to land on Mars in 2018. Katarina’s research advances planetary sciences and space exploration in Australia. Katarina will use the award to attend the 2017 80th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society (MetSoc), in New Mexico, USA. Katarina is currently in the final stage of organising the 2017 “Shock Metamorphism in terrestrial and extra-terrestrial rocks” workshops to be held in Perth, June 2017. Attending the MetSoc Annual International Meeting will allow Katarina to present latest research, meet peers and raise Curtin University’s research profile.

Curtin University Aspire Award Winner 2017