2016 Winner

City of Perth Aspire Conference Scholarship 2016

Mr Peter Carr, Lecturer, Emergency Medicine, The University of Western Australia

Peter’s research interest surrounds the insertion of a needle and catheter into patient’s veins called a peripheral intravenous cannula (PIVC), which is performed to allow patient receive intravenous therapy. His research attempts to reduce insertion failure rates and also to reduce subsequent failure of a PIVC after successful insertion. Peter will use the award to attend the 4th World Congress on Vascular Access (WoCoVA) 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal to meet delegates and promote the 2nd Australian Vascular Access Society scientific meeting and World Congress on Vascular Access “Special Event” taking place in Perth next year, of which he will be the scientific convenor. He will also attend the 30th Association for Vascular Access (AVA) 2016 in Florida. As the field of vascular access overlap a variety of specialities it has the opportunity to get those who diversity into vascular access and encourage their associations to consider Perth as an international destination for their scientific meeting.