City of Perth

The City of Perth Convention Scholarship is a $10,000 grant awarded annually to an individual representing a non-profit association to assist in their personal and professional development through attendance at a relevant international conference in their chosen field of endeavour.

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How do I apply?

Simply research an international conference that has the potential to be staged in Western Australia and present a brief case as to why the conference should be held here. For more information, see below for the 2018 Information Flyer and Guidelines.

What is the $10,000 used for?

The scholarship covers air travel as well as accommodation and registration to a relevant conference to a maximum of $10,000.  In the event that the successful applicant's organisation is not currently a member of their international body, the $10,000 scholarship can contribute to the cost of their joining fee.


Applications for 2019 will open late October 2018.