City of Mandurah Aspire Convention Scholarship Winner 2017

Dr Caroline Nilson, School of Health Professions, Murdoch University - Mandurah Campus

Caroline is a Lecturer in Nursing at Murodch University’s School of Health Professions – Mandurah Campus; her professional domains are Nursing and Midwifery. Caroline will use the funding to present a research paper at the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Conference in 2018. Her presentation will disseminate the findings of a component of her PhD exploring the experiences of a group of Aboriginal women participants in the Bindjareb Yorgas Health Program (BYHP); a culturally appropriate health promotion initiative Caroline developed and facilitated in collaboration with the Murray Districts Aboriginal Association. Caroline will invite an Elder from the Community involved in the research to accompany her. By attending the conference, she is positioned to network with other experts in Aboriginal Health, to develop important partnerships and collaborative research opportunities and create interest in bringing events to Mandurah. 
City of Mandurah Aspire Winner 2017Mayor Marina Vergone and Dr Caroline Nilson